Top 1 Best TWG Tungsten Wedding Ring Sets

Editor's Choice - Our Favorite TWG Tungsten Wedding Rings Set

1. TWG Tungsten GU-U6JM-LSSM TWG Tungsten Wedding Rings Set

TWG Tungsten GU-U6JM-LSSM First Impressions

"Awesome TWG Tungsten!"

But this time I will take it off when I’m working. I have gotten a lot of comments at work, and everyone just loves the ring. I've received so many eye bulging compliments. One small draw back is it could have come in a nicer box. Well packaged and arrived on time.

  • His & Her's 8MM/6MM Tungsten Carbide Classic Polished Black Wedding Band Ring Set (Available Sizes 4-14 Including Half Sizes)
  • Available in Sizes from 4 through 14 Including Half Sizes
  • Genuine Tungsten Carbide
  • Polished Tungsten
  • Comfort Fit Design
  • Editor's Impressions Of The TWG Tungsten GU-U6JM-LSSM
  • Brilliance
  • Quality
  • Value For Money
  • Affordability

TWG Tungsten GU-U6JM-LSSM Final Thoughts

"This arrived timely."

That is all that matters when trying to review this ring. I purchased these for myself and my significant other as promise rings. I read each one of them and that made me decide to finally buy the ring. This ring looks great on my wife's hand! We didn't have much money but have loved our rings.

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